“40 to Phoenix” – One way to insist Spring is here!

The bike on the sands of the Pacific Ocean, in Washington State, August, 2017. Now, this ol’ friend is poised in Dan’s carport ready to head west one more time.


Today begins a journey like no other I’ve taken. Joining up with groups of folks that share the same love for riding motorcycle, I’ll be riding across country. We’ll be heading in the same direction, but small groups of us will select our course, choose highlights to stop and take in, and meet up with the larger group for evening gatherings and lodging.

There’s a few deeper elements to my involvement. I want to be open to what God has in store. I write this with a bit of trepidation, considering the trip can be dangerous – and potentially hazardous or fatal. As with any long cross-country trip, precautions are taken, but there are no guarantees. After our group arrives at the Goldwing Road Riders Association headquartes in Phoenix, Arizona, I’ve got plans to go further. Lord willing, I will head for the Reasons To Believe headquarters in Covina, California to meet with my friends and leaders of this great outreach group. Next, I’ll head to Las Vegas, Nevada to see my father’s cousin and her daughter, looking forward to her story of life and God’s grace. I hope to meet and visit with a veteran Voiceover Specialist: Former News broadcaster, author and VO professional, Dave Courvoisier (https://courvo.com). From there, I’ll be returning to my brother’s to retrieve my truck and trailer and head back home to Churchville, NY. A marathon trip, to be sure!

There is a selfish element as well. Besides enjoying the beauty of our country, there is a certain quiet time I’m hoping to set aside to continue writing the story of Jordan Pond -Acadia National Park, Maine. It’s been five years in the making, and it needs to be wrapped up!

My prayer for this time includes two essential elements: safety, yes. But witness, more importantly. I want to witness God’s activity in my life, in the life of my co-riders, and to observe His majestic witness in the natural beauty of our country. I am opening myself up to allow His work to be done in my heart, as well as through my life, words, actions and attitudes. My devotions confronted me today and challenged me to be this open-hearted to God’s activity. (see Day 86 of the bible in one year: http://youversion.com/ )

Today – I say goodbye to my brother, father and mother at my brother’s home in Cave Spring, Georgia and head on toward Leeds, Alabama to meet up with the group. My brother Dan is going to lead me to I-20 along a route he will take to one of his job sites today.

Time to get the ’98 goldwing GL1500 SE packed and ready!

“>Map for today’s destination

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