Down ‘n Dirty

Yesterday I completed my first septic dump station activity of the season. Yeah, it was gross. Got a leak somewhere in the sink drain line. At least it’s not the toilet line! I put on latex gloves I bought at Rite Aid..which promptly tore as I got into the project. What fun! It went as good as something like that can go and I’m glad it will be a once a month project and not weekly or daily. Last season I had studied a YouTube lesson on ‘how to’ for this type of drainage system. I emptied it once before I left town – that went well. There wasn’t much in there. I emptied it at the end of the season before storing the camper at Uncle George’s. That went fine, too. Again, not too much use last year. This season has been fully underway and the system was full. Fortunately a local campground will allow non-campers to use their dump station for a fee. Despite the facility being well designed, this job was messy. Mostly due to inattention on my part. I didn’t think to inspect the hoses, connections or seals before this trip. Now that the ordeal is behind me, time is on my side to do that which wasn’t done — get the drainage system updated!

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