Friday’s folly

Rolled my Goldwing Friday morning.

Stopped on the roadside to get my jacket out of the saddle bag: it was colder than I had anticipated. . Was parked on a slope not well situated. As I closed the side saddle bag, Newton’s law about ‘for every action’ displayed its validity. In reaction to the push to close the compartment, the bike began to roll forward (I forgot it was in neutral). As it did the bike ever so slowly leaned toward me responding to the slope, and proceeded to lay over on its side. And since the shoulder had a downward pitch to it, I couldn’t stop the 850lb vehicle from its motion. So the bike kept tilting till it came to rest almost completely upside down. I stood there flabbergasted. Not knowing how to figure this, I at least put my jacket on. An older man stopped and asked if I was okay, which I was…but wasn’t sure if the bike was. He went on his way. I thought to myself I was glad I had left quite early for work and possibly I would still get there on time despite the delay… Baffled and not sure how to defy gravity and right this beast, I set my hands in several locations to imagine what the results of effort would be from each. As I was mulling over the options, that fella returned to offer help. I thought I might could use some. With a prayer on my lips and a grip on the bike’s back end and passenger handle, the older guy took hold of the handlebar and on 3 we hoisted that machine right back up on its kickstand! He was saying the whole time, I’ve not got much weight here, and you’re doing the bulk of the lifting. All the while I was thinking this isn’t as heavy as the last time I did this myself. I’m attributing our success on the venture to angelic assistance. It was incredibly easy given the circumstances. The old guy held the bike in place while I got on. Setting my feet firmly on the ground, I lifted the kickstand and turned the key. But it didn’t fire up. No starter response to the key. Hmmm. Checked the bike over..minor scratches and a bit of gas and antifreeze drippings was all I could note. After 4 attempts, the bike roared to life ( ok maybe not roared…maybe whined). The engine chugged a little and responded to the auto choke. Slowly I pulled away and carefully headed down the road. I took great care and with heightened senses to the cycle’s responses I proceeded on my way.

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