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What’s in a Name

URSA is the name I’ve initially adopted for this aspect of my efforts in the world of creative voiceover narration and commercials. URSA has a double meaning – perhaps a triple meaning in my life. I have always been enraptured by the nighttime sky. Camping out beneath its glory and its mystery as a thirteen-year-old I felt the fear and the wonder of our universe as it spread itself across the northern Florida pine woods. Its magnitude reinforced my own sense of smallness; a sense that engendered a desire to know and be close to its Creator. I will always remember that moment when I opened my life to something greater than myself; or should I say, “SomeONE.”

URSA also represents the celestial figures encompassing a set of stars in the northern night skies and Polaris, the North Star. These are figures of a bear and her cub – one of God’s fascinating creatures – and one of my favorites! URSA makes its home in the sky and in the forest: two places I gravitate to for a fresh perspective.

DATELINE: Friday, January 13, 2017,   Albany, NY

It was the start of a real treat; a new beginning; an exciting career in voice acting: My DEMO tracks were recorded at Voice Coaches studios in Colonie!  The team at Voice Coaches is very encouraging, excellent at what they do, and fully supports the beginning voice actor through every step of professional development.

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