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From Little Bear Copywriter and author, Jim Reeverts  (Go to website)

Storytelling… in print


As a child, writing was on par with taking out the garbage: a hopeless chore.  I must admit to a twinge of laziness contributing to that attitude.

Even emerging into adulthood, and in professions where writing was more than a requirement, it seemed laborsome; almost bothersome.

What turned it around?

Surprising as it may sound, when I began viewing writing as an art form,  writing – still never ‘easy,’ – became a passion. I became bent on inspiration.

But writing as a profession – really?

Yes,  Really.

Think about it. Knowing both emotional sides of writing gives me an edge. Yes, there is an element of persuasion involved. But as in art, persuasion is subtle yet powerfully operative through inspiration.

So now, I write like an artist paints – with passion, expression and to inspire!

What’s with the Name, “Little Bear?”

I wanted a corollary to the partner craft of voiceover and narration. Since URSA was the name of that segment, I went with the translation of URSA Minor: “Little Bear.”  Just as they have done in the night sky for centuries, together, both bruins provide direction as well for this venture.

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